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Philosophy about #moodle #wiki grading ...

As posted on Moodle forums (please comment
Two years ago I met Martin D. at Heidelberg during a nice german
Moodlemoot (from which the we spaniards took some ideas for our
moots), to discuss wiki 2.0 (back then!).
One of the topics was Grading on Wikis. We also debated this topic
with skodak when he visited UPC.
Now that I the Wiki 2.0 looks stable enough to build "fancy" features
upon here are my philosophy principles and requirements for the
develoment that is starting as soon as Wiki 2.0 hits the moodle head

Its not obvious and easy to define how to grade a Wiki activity. What
is clear is that there are as many ways to do it as teachers willing
to. So everithing I describe needs to be optional and customizable "a
la Moodle" (As pigui says in every meeting "use the moodle built in
scales and don't invent new things")
We have two different sets of "things" to evaluate:
- Pages. And its evolution. Its what I will call "page rating" and
"page progress rating "
- Grades. Wich are related to he work done for one student, and how
does THE TEACHER consider that should be evaluated (and bound to the
moodle grading engine... and all its complexity)

Page ratings and page progress activity.
Who can rate a page? Everyone (peer review) if the teacher allows it.
In my opinions this is the way to go, but the teacher has to enable it
and allow the rating access to the students.

The page rating is somehow related to all the authors of the page,
that can be found in the page history.

One user rating of a page, can change over time. In this case we can
keep track of the "page progress" also related to the editors of the
affected versions. We can enter these information when we change our
mind or in the page-version compare view.

Ratings are bound to a scale, but also some fedback can be introduced.
In this case... a coment could/should be created:

USER rated this page with 3* and says that "yep this page rocks!"

For instance

The teacher is the one who grades. So he needs a special page where
all the posible information on pages, activity and ratings can be
reported to him in different aggregated ways. So he can safelly grade
each student and send the grade to the gradebook.

Comming soon screenshots and maybe videos of use cases.... feedback
and chocolate is most welcome.


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