lunes, febrero 22, 2010

Migrating separate student wiki to wiki 2.0... big time dilemma #moodle #wiki

As posted on Moodle Wiki forum (please comment

In a point in time Skodak decided not not support separate student
wikis... and all the UPC team exclaimed "Yay!" and we had a beer to
celebrate it.
Separate student wikis create weird dilemmas to deal with, because
students enroll and unenroll. And yet, pedagogically, there is no
point to have a non collaborative wiki going on.

So we don't support it... Yay!

But... there are separate student wikis out there in Moodle 1.x wikis
and even on nwiki setups.


We cannot throw away that content or somebody will be mad at me.

The proposed solution :
- we create a group with the teacher(s) and the student owner of the
wiki, and place the content there.

Any insights on the issue?

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