viernes, noviembre 11, 2011

Moodbile (Mobile Learning for Moodle) v0.2 Beta Moodbile Server for Moodle and HTML5 Client

After so much struggle the Moodbile (Mobile Learning for Moodle) project is moving forward. We just opened our new Moodle powered site to distribute our code, documentation and give support to users and developers who wish to get involved and give Moodbile a try.

Moodbile LogoWhat are we releasing:

Moodbile Spec is a specification of (web)services for supporting the integration of external apps with the LMS. The Moodbile Spec(web)services are not bound to a specific Webservices protocol. The Services need to be implemented in the LMS side.

Moodbile Server for Moodle - Moodle 2.X plug-in that implements the Moodbile Spec. Current version Moodbile Server for Moodle v0.2 has been tested for Moodle2.0.5 For support for other Moodle versions check the Moodbile roadmap.Moodbile server for Moodle includes some new webservices connectors (compatibles with the Moodle Webservices Architecture) JSON-AJAX, JSON-P With OAuth Authentication, JSON-RPC, JSON-RPC With OAuth Authentication, REST With Oauth Authentication. While the services sitill work with the current Moodle webservices connectors.

Off course we, as always, look forward to work with Moodle HQ so our code can find its way into the Moodle core.

We hope to have ready soon a version for Moodle 2.1, but first I’m afraid we have a lot of bug hunting to do.

Moodbile HTML 5 Client Moodbile Client that runs on most mobile browsers.Moodbile HTML 5 Client runs on the same web server as the LMS and provides a Mobile Web friendly limited front, using the Moodbile Spec (web)services. Moodbile HTML 5 Client is intended also to be a reference implementation of howto access the Moodbile Spec (web)services from HTML5 / Ajax. For those who like screenshots here is a Flickr album with some screenshots of the Moodbile HTML5 Client .

Next week we are going to demo the Moodbile Andoid App. This App features almost the same that the HTML5 client but taking advantage of the native controls. This App also used OAuth to authenticate with the server. We are already working on an iOS client

I want to give a big thank you to the Moodbile Team for its hard work and faith in the project. Now starts the harder part.

I hope that our work will be of interest to the Moodle community.

Marc Alier also known as Ludo :-) @granludo