viernes, mayo 21, 2010

Incunables para diseñar el navigation tab del wiki 2.x

Interface design thougths here.
The current wiki 2.x "Map" tab is the place where Nwiki activity blocks where abandoned for wiki 2.x . these "widgets" provide really valuable information for browsing and looking at the wiki progress. 
Now we have a dull combo to select the "block" to view, and when it is displayed is so.. nyehh because we have now more real state on the screen.
My proposal is to think 3-4 cases of ways to browse a Wiki and design different ways to visualize the information about what's going on on the wiki. 
The teacher could choose the default view while settying up the wiki. 
I'm keeping this issue on the tracker so, comments and votes are most welcome.
Thanks for your help !

Standard view

Wiki browse std

Glossary View


Navigation View (proposed change of behavior... click on pagenames on the index changes the navigation box page)


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