lunes, diciembre 14, 2009

Pasado presente inminente y futuro de Moodle segun "el jefe"... aleluya!

Leo en blog del Cent de la UJI : 
Atribuyendo a Martin Dougiamas en el Online Educa
[...] Moodle was approaching the end of its life cycle as a “Walled garden” product. Moodle was ahead of the game in 2001, but has been passed by many of the developments on the Internet since its inception. When Moodle was first conceptualised things like WordPress MU, Ning, Flickr, Delicious and Wikipedia did not exist. Moodle needed to reinvent itself. The repository and portfolio APIs in combination with the Web Services layer will allow Moodle to become much more a platform than an application. Moodle will keep its relevance or will become relevant again (depending on your viewpoint on the state of educational technology). I am already imagining the Moodle App Store.

.... Y lo que nos costó que nos hiciera caso

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