martes, enero 27, 2009

Dr Chuck apuntes de pedagogia y TIC.

Os recomiendo la lectura de algunas reflexiones de mi amigo chuck sobre como enfocar la docencia.
Os dejo un cachito y el link.. quizas algun dia me ponga a traducir de nuevo este tipo de joyas.

Pedagogy: Teaching Approach - Notes

I was asked recently by a friend to summarize some of my approaches to teaching. Like most situations when I am asked a question I really like - I probably wrote too much. Here is my response.

Technology as Competency - This is really part of the core mission of Informatics as a cross-disciplinary field. To meet that mission, we need to find ways to teach technology to draw people in and have them enjoy technology as part of a career in some non-CS field. The goal is to teach people a lot of material but do it in a non-painful way. This is done by carefully selecting interesting and relevant scope and truly understanding learning objectives, and then focusing pedagogy on insuring that students master all the material instead of pushing students well beyond the learning objectives to the breaking point in order to sort the students into the "worthy" and "unworthy" as a filter class at the beginning of a CS major. The goal is to inspire the students to find ways to master and use technology regardless of their primary career choice.


Amen. Y en su blog sige!

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